Board of Directors

The Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation is governed by its board of directors, an active and involved group representing many professions and diverse interests in the field of historic preservation coming from all parts of our state. The Board of Directors meets quarterly, in various locations around the state. The Executive Committee, consisting of officers and at-large members, meets monthly.

2020 Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation Board of Directors

Leigh Bishop Taub, President
Katie Randall, 1st Vice President (Project Initiatives)
Elam Holley, 2nd Vice President (Treasurer)
William B. Kimbrough III, 3rd Vice President (Membership & Social Media)
Colin Mitchell, Secretary
Pamela Sterne King, Immediate Past President

Sissy Austin
Devereaux Bemis
Mike Bunn
Wimberly Comer
Elijah E. Davis
Catarina Echols
Todd Keith
Amy M. Kostine
Becky Ingram Maudlin
P. Nigel Roberts
E. Barden Smedburg, Jr.
Travis Wesson