Endangered Properties Trust Fund (EPTF)

A revolving fund for loans, and on occasion, small grants. The Endangered Properties Trust Fund (EPTF) is charged with two primary functions; funding emergency rescue efforts relating to significant historic properties (primarily through loans); and the acquisition, covenanted resale, preservation and rehabilitation of threatened landmarks.

The Endangered Properties Trust Fund originated as a joint program of the ATHP and the Alabama Historical Commission (AHC). The EPTF is managed by the ATHP with oversight by three designated trustees: one representative each from the ATHP and the AHC and one at-large member appointed jointly by both organizations. The trustees make recommendations to the board of directors of the ATHP regarding projects and expenditures drawn from the EPTF fund.

Contact the ATHP office for further information.

Since 2009, the EPTF has been involved in the following projects, among others:

  • an emergency grant to the City of Selma for a consulting engineer to assess the condition of the landmark YMCA Building resulting in a report that was instrumental in the denial of a demolition permit by the city's historic preservation commission;
  • the purchase of an option on historic Cedarwood, an 1818 house near Moundville, and its subsequent resale to the University of West Alabama, who relocated the house to its campus for restoration; and an emergency loan to the Cawaco RC&D Council Inc. for the relocation of the Cardiff High Sheriff's House to Brookside, where it is being Rehabilitated for use as a visitors center.
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